Yocan Black Pillar Coils Sliver 5 Pack


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Department Coil
Series Pillar Coils
Connection 510 Thread
Color Sliver
Brand Yocan
Design Bullet-style

Department: Coil. Experience the perfect combination of form and function with our innovative vape coils, designed to provide both visual appeal and exceptional coil efficiency, making every puff a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Brand: Yocan Finding the ideal Yocan vape largely depends on your specific preferences and needs. However, starting with their latest models is often a prudent choice, as Yocan is known for continually enhancing their products, incorporating valuable feedback from users, and refining their designs.

Coil: TGT Coil Elevate your concentrate experience with the innovative TGT Coil. This cutting-edge design combines a ceramic donut and a XTAL Quartz Rod for two-stage vaporization, maximizing both vapor production and flavor quality.

Connection: 510 Thread. Our 510 thread vape kit unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing you to experiment with different flavors and formulations by effortlessly switching between compatible cartridges.

Series: Pillar Coils Elevate your dabbing game with Yocan Pillar TGT Coils. These replacement coils combine a ceramic donut and quartz XTAL rod for an unparalleled vaping experience. Experience smooth hits and potent flavor with every use.

Design: Bullet-style. Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance with our precision-engineered bullet-style design, ensuring your vaping device not only looks stunning but also delivers exceptional results.

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