Yocan Flat Plus Black Battery 900mAh


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Connection 510 Thread
Brand Yocan
Battery capacity 900mAh
Department Battery
Charging Type-C Port
Coil Resistance 0.8ohm
Color Black
Size 15*15*97mm
Series Flat Plus
Output Voltage 2.6V/3.2V/3.8V

Design: Pen-style. Our pen-style vape kit is backed by superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring a dependable and satisfying vaping experience.

Series: Flat Plus Discover the freedom to choose your preferred vaping materials. The Yocan Flat Plus supports pre-filled cartridges, refillables, and wax atomizers, providing endless options.

Connection: 510 Thread. Craft your perfect vaping moments with our 510 thread vape kit, where control and convenience combine to enhance your overall vaping experience, offering endless possibilities and consistent satisfaction.

Charging: Type-C Port. The vape kit has a charging system, which can be charged through Type-C port when the battery is exhausted. Charging time is approximately 50-150 minutes, depending on usage.

Department: Battery At Yocan, we understand the pivotal role that e-cigarette batteries play in your vaping journey. These batteries provide the essential power to heat your e-liquid and create the satisfying vapor you crave. Whether you’re in search of a standard battery or a more advanced mod battery, our extensive range offers a wide variety of options to meet your specific preferences and budget.

Brand: Yocan When you select a Yocan vaporizer, you’re choosing a product that exudes trust, quality, and performance. Their commitment to excellence is evident throughout their products, from their thoughtful designs to their consistent, impressive performance.

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