Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter Blue


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Department Air Filter
Brand Yocan
Color Blue
Series Green Pinecone Personal
Material Soft Silicone
Design Pinecone-shaped

Series: Green Pinecone Personal Discover the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter, your ultimate solution for eliminating smoke and vapor odors. This ingenious device, also known as a sploof in smoker circles, effectively reduces or eradicates unwanted odors and vapors when used correctly. Featuring a silicone chassis, it’s both durable and easy to handle.

Brand: Yocan Explore the world of Yocan vaporizers and witness the innovative approach they bring to each product. From their renowned Evolve series to their latest creations, Yocan continually strives to provide vaping enthusiasts with devices that meet and exceed their expectations.

Department: Air Filter Prioritize your well-being with our HEPA Air Filter. Designed to capture and eliminate particles measuring 0.3 micrometers or larger, it guarantees cleaner, fresher air for your home or workplace. Breathe freely and comfortably.

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