Yocan Hive 2.0 Black Vaporizer Kit


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Series Hive 2.0
Coil Quartz Coil/Oil Chamber
Coil Resistance 1.0ohm/1.8ohm
Brand Yocan
Size 70*29*83mm
Connection Magnetic
Output Voltage 3.4V/3.8V/4.2V
Battery capacity 650mAh
Department Vaporizer Kit
Output Power 12W
Charging USB Port

Brand: Yocan Explore the world of Yocan vaporizers and witness the innovative approach they bring to each product. From their renowned Evolve series to their latest creations, Yocan continually strives to provide vaping enthusiasts with devices that meet and exceed their expectations.

Connection: Magnetic Elevate your vaping game with our Magnetic Connector. Its ribbed edges provide a secure connection, and the added airflow grooves ensure a smoother vaping experience with every draw.

Charging: USB Port. The vape kit is equipped with a rechargeable Type-C port system, you can charge the vape when the battery is exhausted. Charging time is approximately 50-150 minutes, depending on usage.

Design: Box-style. Explore a wide range of premium vape juices and flavors with our box-style vape device, catering to your unique taste.

Department: Vaporizer Kit Elevate your vaping game with the Yocan Advanced Vaporizer Kit. Loaded with customizable settings, a high-performance atomizer, and a spacious e-liquid tank, this kit lets you tailor your vaping experience to perfection.

Series: Hive 2.0 With 510 threading magnetic links, you can trust that your connections are dependable and stable, delivering a consistent and satisfying vaping experience. Discover the Yocan Hive 2.0 and experience its enhanced features firsthand.

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