Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Kit Black 1700mAh


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Battery capacity 1700mAh
Output Voltage 3.4V/3.7V/4.0V
Color Black
Coil Quartz Balls Coil
Department Vaporizer Kit
Material Stainless Steel
Design Pen-style
Series Orbit
Brand Yocan
Charging Type-C Port
Preheat 10 Seconds

Department: Vaporizer Kit Unleash your taste buds with the Yocan Flavor Enthusiast Vaporizer Kit. This kit includes a variety of gourmet e-liquids, each crafted to tantalize your senses. Explore new flavors with every puff.

Design: Pen-style. The elegant design of our pen-style vape kit adds a touch of sophistication to your vaping experience, making it perfect for any occasion.

Series: Orbit The Yocan ORBIT Vaporizer Pen Kit is designed to provide an exceptional vaping experience with its innovative features. The 1700mAh integrated battery ensures extended usage time, allowing you to enjoy your favorite concentrates without interruptions.

Charging: Type-C Port. The vape offers a rechargeable Type-C port system, you can charge the vape when the battery is exhausted. Charging time is approximately 50-150 minutes, depending on usage.

Brand: Yocan Yocan’s reputation for manufacturing high-quality equipment for dry herb and wax concentrate consumption is well-earned. Among their extensive lineup, one of their standout collections is the Evolve range, which has garnered popularity for its sleek design, advanced features, and dependable performance.

Coil: Quartz Balls Coil The Quartz Balls Coil is a marvel of engineering. By converting airflow into kinetic energy for the quartz balls, it guarantees even heating and delivers an unforgettable vaping experience.

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