Yocan Regen Coils Sliver 5 Pack


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Brand Yocan
Coil Resistance 0.8ohm
Design Bullet-style
Series Regen Coils
Color Sliver
Connection 510 Thread
Department Coil

Design: Bullet-style. Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance with our precision-engineered bullet-style design, ensuring your vaping device not only looks stunning but also delivers exceptional results.

Series: Regen Coils These coils feature three quartz rods wrapped with high-quality coils, heating up faster than dual quartz rods while conserving battery power. This makes them ideal for vaporizers with lower mAh capacities, allowing for substantial cloud production and longer vaping sessions between charges.

Brand: Yocan Since their inception in 2013, Yocan has consistently raised the bar when it comes to crafting innovative dry herb and wax vaporizers. With each new model they introduce, it seems they outdo themselves, offering improvements in functionality and performance over their previous offerings. This dedication to innovation has earned them a loyal following among vaping enthusiasts.

Connection: 510 Thread. Tailor your vaping adventure with our 510 thread vape kit, an adaptable device that welcomes an assortment of compatible cartridges, ensuring you can savor your desired flavors at any time.

Department: Coil. Immerse yourself in a world of vaping excellence with our top-quality vape coils, boasting exceptional build quality and coil innovation that ensures your e-liquids are transformed into thick, flavorful clouds of vapor.

Coil: Quartz Triple Coil Yocan Quartz Triple Coils offer enhanced power efficiency for your Yocan Vaporizer. Say goodbye to frequent recharges and hello to extended vaping pleasure.

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